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Logo design is the first step in branding. This is the mark or icon that identifies your business in its simplistic form.

A logo does not sell the company directly nor rarely does it describe a business. Logo's derive their meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolises, not the other way around - logos are there to identify, not to explain.

In a nutshell, what a logo means is more important than what it looks like. Think of The Red Square by Edgars


Branding follows from Logo design.

This is the perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.

It is an organisation, service or product with a 'personality' that is shaped by the perceptions of the audience


With our own in house Graphic designer we are not limited in creation of ideas turned into reality. The visual aspects that form part of your overall brand broken down as follows:

• A Logo (The symbol of the entire identity & brand)
• Stationery (Letterhead + business card + envelopes, etc.)
• Marketing Collateral (Flyers, brochures, books, websites, etc.)
• Products & Packaging (Products sold and the packaging in which they come in)
• Apparel Design (Tangible clothing items that are worn by employees)
• Signage (Interior, exterior and vehicle design)
In other words: "Anything visual that represents the business."


With a large range of legally owned programs we can offer web sites in a number of different formats.

With responsive sites all the need right now sites similar to this web site are possible.

Static informative sites are our main stay business, from small single pages to sites with over 1000 pages.

We do them all


When creating your website, many factors need to be taken into account:

            • Great content and pictures that relate to your services or products are essential

            • A short video ensures that Google will pay attention to your website

Then comes the choice of platform / template design that suits your main product or services. 

At We WebWork we take, as a matter of course, all SEO work on every page into account as well. This ensures that websites under our monthly option come up as high as is possible in Google searches.

Content and wording is exceptionally important and must be written with as many key words as possible. Imagine what surfers would type into the search box and use those words within your content.

Going forward: 

Continual updates with fresh content keeps Google looking at your pages. Then and only then will your website continue to feature prominantly in the Google searches.

                    Up to 5 web pages R300.00 per a month

                    Up to 15 web pages R450.00 per a month

                    Up to 50 web pages R600.00 per a month

                    Up to 100 web pages R1000.00 per a month

Free email set ups

Free domain registrations

Any number of changes a month other than template changes

Vidoe inclusion

Slider gallery


The We WebWork staff are passionate about creating websites that work for you!

Whether they are single or multiple page sites we will make sure that they are easy to use and navigate around, helping visitors find exactly what they are looking for.

We offer free domain registration for all new sites, while existing websites can effortlessly be moved to our servers. We are 100% transparent with NO hidden costs, no bandwidth usage or hidden 3rd party charges


Brand Management:

Compilation of Material
Distribution of Material
Media Planning
Exhibitions and Special Events
Product Launches
Grand Openings
Handling of Sales
Print of marketing Materials
Laser cutting
T-shirt Print
Wall Art
Vehicle and Building Signage.


All you need to do is email us your content, pictures and graphics and we will do the rest

We will make your website idea into an amazing reality.

Google has a highly exhaustive list of fonts compiled into its web font platform so enable our Designers a very large selection to create what you require..


Let We Webwork design a template specifically for your product range.

Be it for a static site or a responsive web site.

You supply the required pictures and wording.

It is always worth your while to have a video too.

Google really likes that


  • WebSite

    Undercoverrebel's Michelle designed the layout for our new website. We Webwork turned her design into a creation. NewRes looks forward to a long relationship with these two business. 

  • WebSites

    “Tony has been in charge of our web site from the start. His service has always been out of the ordinary and the monthly pricing option is a God send for us, as we continually develop new products. We just send him the pictures and specifications and he does the rest. SEO has always been included”

  • WebSites

    “I have two very big order-on-line web sites that have been under the control of We WebWork since 2002, while they are not what are called responsive web sites they are accepted by Google’s test, and are smart phone friendly”

  •  WebSite

    “After a very unpleasant experience with our last web master we decided to use We WebWork for all five of our web sites. We are Very happy with prompt service and the quality of the sites performance. Four of the sites are Word press sites and the SHEQ Management site is by design a static web site”

  •  WebSite

    “I have never regretted asking We WebWork to build our web site All changes, additions have been completed in a couple of days. The site is now google friendly too. Well done Tony and gang ”

    Tony has just finished our other web site Laser and Ink for us which we are very happy with.

  •  WebSite

    “This web site has been a learning curve for Tony and co.

     As you can see it is fully responsive. The advantages over a Word press site are that the original is saved on a pc and its backups. This means that should a client wish to change service providers for hosting the web site is safe and can be reloaded to the new hosting company easily.”


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