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SafeZone Flame-Proofing technology protects fabrics aboard some of the world’s finest yachts.
Holding the distinction of having passed more fire tests than any other product currently in use in the market.
Advanced flame-proofing and fabric care technology
International Certification
Quality Control
Certified Applicators

Flame Retardant-certified for use on textiles, timber, paints, varnish and metal
Total Fabric Care- Consisting of Flame Proofing/Stain Proofing/Bed bugs & Dust Mite elimination and prevention
Sleep Safe- A specialised Triple Action for the accommodation industry- bedroom sanitization/ bed bug, dust mite and superbug elimination and prevention as well as FLAME PROOFING

Accommodation- Hotels, Guest Houses, Boarding Schools, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Labor accommodation
Events- Exhibitions, Shows, Corporate functions
Transport-Touring & Intercity Buses, Rental Cars, Aircraft, Trains, Yachts, Caravans/RV'S
Timber- Timber Homes, Structures
Clothing- Firefighting outfits, Heat protective clothing, rescue personnel outfits

Tripple Action allergen, bacteria and virus control, with added MRSA and fire protection

The original sleep-safe product along with the residual barrier technology the eliminates MRSA CDIF and E.COLI is one of the 4 Global smart solutions range of products which has our Flame Prevention Solution FirePro21 inbuilt.
All the products in the Smart Solutions Range contain FirePro21 which is specifically Formulated to enhance FLAME PROOFING in furnishings and fabrics.

Important to know

Using the latest HEPA vacuum cleaner, a powerful portable treatment device, We clean all fabrics removing flakes of skin, bacteria found in body fluids( i.e. Sweat) as well as dust mites and their waste.

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