Monthly fees apply allowing as many changes as required during any month

A Multiple Page fully responsive web site

R1500.00 payable on acceptance of the front page template:
Free registration of a domain name. 
10 domain email addresses.
Picture slider
Up to 10 YouTube Videos.
As many pictures as required.
Includes hosting and multiple changes as required.
Once a year domain renewal fee will apply.

What size website is required?
R300.00pm for up to 5 web pages.
R450.00pm for up to 15 web pages.
R600.00pm for up to 50 web pages.

A single page website

Responsive WebSites
Single Page Hosted on our domain 

R1,000.00 Gets you a one page responsive web site comprising of;
Creative and intelligent solutions
Your businesses name and content.
Up to 30 pictures, 2 YouTube Videos
Picture slider if needed

All you need to do:
Send us your business card and the wording you want displayed in word Doc.
Supply pictures as double post card size jpg.
A link to your YouTube Vidoes.
A link to your social media sites
No hosting fee with this option.
You will be invoiced only once you are satisfied.
No renewal of domain fee

For an extra R100.00 a month you can have as many changes as you may require during any one month to your web page

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